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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 31, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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well done. it also tasted it new new new dwindling will the us. welcome to nhk world of islam in chino tawny and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the operator of the division and i need to do the plants as they will look for more possible water leaks at one of its damage reactors the us justice department would seek the death penalty for a man charged with the boston marathon bombings. and
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the japanese tourism officials have come with a way that makes traveling to the country's lot easier for foreign tourists in science the operator of the accretion and i each a nuclear plant is discovering more damage at the containment vessel of reactor number one. it says it is going to take steps to avoid further contamination in the area and hk world's needs connie scala reports engineers are investigating leaks in several places in the container that holds knew the appeal. its waters decreasing system was destroyed in the aftermath of the twenty eleven and bacon salami. workers have been injecting more than four times the water an hour into the vessel to call the nuclear fuel. in nov and their crews using a robot equipped with a timer discovered two leaks in the lower part of that contained in s. they estimate
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that more than three tonnes of water immediately cleaned every hour. the engineers have also learnt that more than one tonne of water is leaking from elsewhere. they plan to send it to prop up again to stitch for other possible problems. the cbo extend their sixty two to suppression team building to the canteen and that's all the same time work as i'm trying to contain the team needs and radioactive waste water on the site. in that very day will test how much weight you act of strong tea and an absorbent material placed underground. can we move from weekly swap what this will be cut twenty meter deep cold year the discontent and barry gets old the measure could if that is at the u s nuclear facility a web of some of the field won't be as successful but the salty water that has circulated at the completion of that. tokyo electric plans to assess the test results to
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decide if i make temporary whether to formally introduce the absorbent. the twenty spell out in hq well. the us justice department says it intends to seek the death penalty for men charged with the boston marathon bombings jill hart star nancy is accused of placing homemade bombs near the races finish line last april. the twenty year twenty year old star lance is facing thirty federal charges they include using a weapon of mass destruction with the intention to kill the homemade bombs went off near the finish line of the race. they killed three people including a child and injured more than two hundred sixty in a statement u s attorney general eric holder said he is authorizing the prosecutors to seek the death penalty for time and older said he was compelled to make the decision because of the nature of the crime and the resulting harm. authorize issued by the attorney general is necessary in
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federal trials. if prosecutors wish to demand the death penalty. the trial is expected to be a long one because it's our man has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. us president barack obama has nominated a single individual to head both the national security agency and the us military cyber command. vice admiral michael rogers is currently in charge of the us navy's cyber warfare programs writers nominations to both positions must be confirmed by the senate. an independent panel set up by president obama advice again east letting one person leaves both organizations. the panel cited concerns about excessive concentration of power. but some security experts argue the dual appointed will facilitate ordination. the nsa has been under fire for overtly collecting vast amounts of personal information including telephone records the agency has also been accused of spying on leaders of us allies. these
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revelations were based on classified documents disclosed by former nsa contractors edwards noted check in thailand to anti government demonstrators are staging large protests ahead of sunday's general election they're demanding the immediate resignation of prime ministry election a lot and into the political influence of her brother ousted prime minister talks inch and a lot of people are concerned that political divisions that have gripped the country for more than eight years may spark a new round of violence. but city docks along brought us the latest from bangkok in the final instalment of our three day series on the election. karen that's how it's all anti government demonstrations on friday said
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to the streets said changes to boycott the election the government is poised to have a nice one hundred twenty thousand police officers and soldiers to make sure that the proceeds as planned. ten people have been killed and hundreds of is inconsistent them back when the disco violence intensified. tensions are running high across the nation. demonstrators on stage in what they call the thing into a polish until saturday the day before the election protests is not just in central bangkok on friday. the one that finds it entered to find a format to the prime minister i'm not going to vote on sunday because if you do. it means you accept that this election is legitimate. we've been defined as government for a long time. we need to bring it to win it. i didn't sing to save them a call from the action is the election system itself. the main opposition democrat party is
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refusing to field candidates in not moving type of thing is talking that in the two weeks and he is in the north and northeast across and is expected to maintain its dominance in the upcoming election. in that strategy is the continuation of her classes. she's short op ed piece by trying to be pissed if on the us for talks in part east of sweat and three in action since two thousand won. the opposition is so successful that i was a good cause and boots. they say the current election system has been the talk soon happen according to fiscal reform including changes to the current election since then. they have yet to reveal a detailed plan that they insist the reforms crafted by an elected people's console on a necessary step. on sunday a one person was killed in shooting a band called polling station where people are costing and fonts on its demonstrations have prevented candidates from
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registering in some constituencies. that means that might not be enough representatives to form a choir and in the new parliament. even if the election comes off as planned. election officials say they'll claire's polling stations that the situation becomes dangerous. if that happens the penalty of the vote could be called into question. chris cole and social temple in thailand continue to bless. ec treaty to watch what happened next the next threat assessment nhk well and listening to the polyester crispy that one of the world's foremost authorities on thai politics and history. he shared his insights and and six. chris baker has lived in thailand for nearly three decades the extensively on the changes he sees taking place in thai society. in two thousand for his wife published a biography and then prime minister seems to
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mind. nature has a unique take on the increase in the complex social conditions underlying the current situation. when you knew both costs and we change in personnel nineteen ninety on the cheek. all in all different apple tree looking wonderful. there is an element of class a smile they took us to confront the people support him immense amount of fun that they can create all kinds of people from the street and it's equally and we have a lot of people from the south who are coming into the city at the moment to support these current demonstrations which you wouldn't necessarily describe the clock. soon she'll have the traditional structure thai politics. he says the former prime minister agrees that political consciousness and world religions. state high interstates. he says that hasn't been much they cannot
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brown can do for his sicko the whole political low tide and change the change very much been a lot of people who feel that no order of society would we not participate in trying not to commit to call my nation. nubian night the first time they came out and eat at a national team it seems to want to he who made them feel that he was looking for that the country's history. thai military has entertained during moments of political deadlock. that's what happens in two thousand six. some people expect the country's rapid monarch including one hundred and eight. he called in to this time around. baker says things are different now it was to be so interesting in her mouth. is that the ministry has focused on back here and taking a bowl
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of being mean to me during the initial refusing to take science. if something is very violent happened instead. if there's a judicial decision which creates a very unusual situation. can anyone stand i think it's clear they will meet christmas. i have the impression that. that the promised me he wants to stand out to fix. as far as possible. the problem has been going ever since two thousand and five i'm off to feed demonstrates the piano this i have tried to use tomorrow before he came to clean tackle farting on their site which i think has done for the ten each to the institution. the green this is how people have to learn how to negotiate a compromise and settle political conflicts in ways that are truly democratic that's not likely to happen
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to pass. look into the epic tradition that when you have a problem. democracy stop crucial third week of uni stop crew who believe that the constitution least i can i think this is about to stick the democratic systems grow all panicky them on time they are in place. the more they develop their own ways and fourteen two ways to negotiate in between people and customs and traditions bill and pecans you keep stopping in the stocks he said that taiwan is still in its infancy. i think it will be great thing if it allowed us to grow up the most time crisis four and even after sunday's controversial election. both sides refusing to compromise. baker says the only solution to the parents of a completely lacked its political stage
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since the nineteen ninety seven financial crisis created the need to come on my back seat to a stand at the canfield week. now you've got a situation where you critically need someone who can stand up to kids of his contract on offer something different. i think it will come to me maybe not thailand's middle class has been the main beneficiaries of the country's economic expansion printouts in counties that successfully channel to the frustration felt by those left behind and where christian mystical force thai politics is dominated by two major forces the pro talks in an anti toxin puppies when and how it changes take place the news is always some facts may have anti politics went a more mature phase to ensure that the economic benefits can be equally shared among four members of society. and that will wrap up our three eight special coverage of the situation here in
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thailand. i'm chatty unacceptable didn't call senior diplomats from japan and russia have met to discuss the four islands off hokkaido japan claims the territory which had been controlled by russia since the end of world war two. and as deputy foreign minister seems to see emma met with his counterpart igor more below in tokyo. the meeting followed similar talks last august in moscow. details of the discussions are not known said emi is expected to have explained the government's policy that the two sides could sign a peace treaty after the islands are returned to japan and more beloved is believed to have repeated moscow's position that the islands became its territory as a result of the war. the portable formal night. they do we heard frank and ernest discussion is an update on the peace treaty issue. when historically been and we hope you all know that
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there is any issue includes the northern territory. it seemed an ideal whole time cms said one single meeting is not enough to iron out the differences between the two sides because the negotiations have continued over many years people in china are set to mark the lunar new year celebrations across the country are usually loud and extravagant but this year some are choosing to save money and tone down their festivities. nhk rules committee by a mom also has more from aging . the across the country. when he's older cities with new wheels to kuwait. it's a time when people shop for gifts to be given on this special day. i
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hummed and that i came to find her way. i went and saw that i feel pretty good for something. this led to rest on in eugene. we told the nobles and she can still hold true to its two previous years. during you is holy days most part he's used to be held here every day the manager was that by targeting cost of a school of politics. now this restaurant offers coastal issues like new. instead of expensive talking and ability. still they rock. the average customer needs to spend a hundred dollars. but now it's twenty. two and resulted from a building campaign again was scrumptious. for a peaceful bureaucrats to stop spending money. nyt and done. people will post corruption grayson too. it is correcting some
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businesses the chinese traditionally given you his presents to family members and people was business connections. this year people shawl at the mall and stores instead of smoke shoe shops. this is the typical purchase the whole race is this your zodiac sign. minnie costume a monopoly of all twenty dollars in a far cry from what trip was spent back at all. most were and still purchase in bulk like they used to. so profits are likely to plunge. we used to be busy around this time. now we have to be satisfied by managing to make it into the black. during chinese new year celebrations. local chinese love setting off firecrackers. they along with the wolf local small and
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there's a lot of people prejean also accused of planning to use when bill clinton is too hot the problem will commence on the slippery can sneak in portland still residents are taking to the new circumstances. there's a new kind of noise makers. that's less home for who he coached to a walk. the vehicle for the firecrackers. they're supposed to produce the small so i'm going to see for myself. recall tumultuous hopeful. also called the school. do you believe local people are the unintentional was using raisins. give up. it was good
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and being environmentally friendly is good for you all as we do need firecrackers and celebrate what it would what a night hopefully some period would be set to fire crackers who vanished from china two years. it really won't stop so i think what we have to do is keep the tradition alive. i adapting to changing times so chinese coming up with new ways to keep all of the tooheys new year's traditions. he will bubble do the job. to a mass exodus has began as chinese holidaymakers leave their country for overseas destinations. one of them is tokyo where retailers are hoping to cash in on the festive mood. chinese visitors could be seen until his electronics district talking about on the first day of the holidays on friday among the most popular items being sold for rice cookers
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and scammers. keep the dough i love clean air through the beautiful environment stores as a means to increase their inventory since they expect for holiday shoppers this year the number of chinese visitors to japan is rebounding after taking a plunge in late two thousand and twelve. because of the two nations difference over a group of islands in the east china sea. japanese tourism officials are taking steps to help visitors overcome one of their biggest obstacles. the line which they've drafted guidelines for translating street signs into english. nhk world issues kayden has the story so does the rope auditorium you spoke your mind. and kills many foreign visitors the signs are you jumping ease and roll on ice cap this the dvd is i think it's difficult to understand. so that may be right in st mo of
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the new it would lessen the symptoms. it's about tourism agency assembled a panel of experts to sawdust ways to improve the sign they called for more from languages. and a side instead of on the diving their way japanese firms are exhausted and in the womb. they all abilities. you develop your c mas main streets. he runs past the popular piece an immortal part. the current signs give all new role online version of the main officials planned to albatross they did name she's been apart the experts say some names to stay as they are a few of those killed in the top is all over the past most famous attractions. so they'll keep it as it is hot add the word temple in english. they must polytechnic boss bought sold or so. oh what springs. or
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use boss. experts say. they should be televised as old said. award of most visitors or the now. local officials are already following the guidelines will come up with a member of the tunnel said she hopes to become the norm. bikini williams who the government is drafting these rules we meet local governments and private enterprise. the idea isn't it who says he does that. when you let them assume that this increase them. the officials awful in that. they can make life easier for the medium to people that visit each year and they want to make the country. more tourist friendly. in time for the twenty twenty olympic games. since d day. in this george georgiou. it's another
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tropical storm is heading to the philippines meteorologist robert spence as here with the latest robert. del yet another storm system and dna and just last week were talkin about a troubling question which one was lingering will they arrested an upgraded to leaving and that nadia can remember back a november try thai food high in came through here and is devastated that syria is he right now as far as tropical storm so the good news is that this one is just barely holding on to that intensity with about sixty five does hit the ninety km route. only now is making landfall there in northern portions of mindanao but the ball rainfall is already being experienced on ahead of this and there is still the risk of flooding and landslides and definitely that is going to linger throughout the rest of friday into saturday morning before tapering off by saturday evening. the good news though this is much weaker than high eighties hit the track read here but unfortunately a lot of people still in temporary shelters out here and still at risk of even the slight case of
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flights and even the risk of landslides ligue one s the alert out here as this storm system continues to push off their course the west walk away from the tropics l and talk about whats going on off it was nor were looking at some fairly heavy snowfall parts of japan twenty to forty centimeters could be occurring out there and meanwhile much of western japan year to be looking at a warming spell still some showers could linger the area below grade there. in any of a high pressure pumping in some ways from the south some parts of korea western japan. a light rain expected over the weekend maybe some drizzle nothing too serious a big topic is going to be this warming trend and is really enough feel like spring out there and all other people identity selling them celebrating the lunar new year in wellies the next several days temperature is absolutely fantastic to do so saying i am twenty three taipei in the mid twenties tokyo to go add up the night in by monday. by tuesday on the other hand things will be cooling down with the next shot of cold air. nazir look over towards europe only to have a storm system moving
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across italy flash flood watches in effect for u s didn't even move off that was the balkans in the bbc some eighty km car wins with his wealth severe stronger storms continue to erupt. tennessee take a look over towards the british isles. oh this is the pulpit storm system and deftly will be topical for here because you are even looking at flooding the last waltz after weeks and yet another shot of all on the seasonal weather on favorable weather at the very least some twenty to forty millimeters of rain can be sealed it with uk parts of ireland the pacific a with about one or thirty kilometers per hour rate your vehicle so definitely very serious storm system the watch for the next twenty four hours paris with some rain showers if the cold spot on the map is kiev and moscow minus eleven there for your highs on saturday and that didn't apply take a look over twenty america's fault. it's this cloud cover read here that is the main story any travel issues out here is kennedy because of this cold for all the way from michigan and illinois. you couldn't
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get up to about twenty to thirty centimeters of snow off on the comment about three millimeters of ideas mixed in with this as well as the storm system continues to develop and pushes off their toys he's been on the big topic. anyway while most of the people in the us out here to be looking for is into york actually new jersey just outside of new york. what is the forecast for the superbowl and at least by sunday it doesn't look like those rain showers even snow will be working their way into the picture. cloudy skies expected temperatures above average for the hive eleven. it's not until monday when the fall weather starts to set in a physics data forecasts i am to noon. i am
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i know. this is live for
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this tarantino tawny into kills all of this year thanks for joining us. that is. the air. chess. i have
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the mm mm mm. in the eye. in late two


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